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Large Machining

Every Single Part Counts
Heavy Machinery RepairHeavy machinery, construction projects, factory & industrial equipments all require large machining for both fabrication and maintenance. All the parts must be refined with perfection so that they can function in unison without any friction. One problematic component, a single misalignment, can bring catastrophic results when it comes to large equipments.
The Precision You Need & Deserve
Precision machining can only be accomplished by professionals who have the right training and tools for the job. Superior Machining, for example, has a fascinating array of equipments that are prepared to handle any job. Their inventories of lathe are able to handle virtually any turning job and their onsite cranes also assist in handling materials with an upwards limit of 40 tonnes. And of course, each and every staff member onsite are fully qualified and experienced, allowing flawless production no matter what the task may be.
An Industry Standard
In fact, Superior Machining has more than 35 specialized machinists and CSA certified welders that work relentlessly to ensure a high level of quality. And to make sure that nothing falls in between the cracks even with all this talent, Superior Machining also has a dedicated Quality Control section with full-time inspectors that will check for the consistency & accuracy of the work. Through their diligence, Superior Machining has also received the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System approval, which is a sure sign of their dedication to quality.
Full Machining Service Available At Superior Machining
Whether it is milling, grinding, turning or welding, every single process that is handled by Superior Machining will be of the highest standard in the industry. They offer quality that only large companies can offer while being flexible and paying attention to details in the way in which that an individual professional will do, allowing their clients to enjoy the benefits of both worlds.
Please take a look at the gallery below to see the way in which work is handled at Superior Machining. You will be able to instantly recognize their top of the line equipment and expertise.
For Additional Details...
If you would like to learn more about large machining process and how the service may benefit you, please contact the staff at Superior Machining & Repairs Ltd. via their website or telephone. For both servicing and production, Superior Machining offers a free consultation session so that you can easily assess your situation and make an informed decision.
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